PREORDER "Rojo: Where Is My Hair?"

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Loved "Rojo: The Perfectly Imperfect Llama" and want to be one of the first people to have his second book "Rojo: Where Is My Hair?"?! Then I have some treats for you! Now you can be one of the first people to have his new book this April before it is even available for purchase to the public. But wait, if the book will the $14.95, why is the pre-sale price $20? Great question! I need help with inventory so I'm offering the book with extra limited edition rewards. If you wish to not receive these rewards, and simply want to preorder your copy you can use the promo code HAIR at checkout to just be charged $14.95.

What limited edition rewards am I referring to? I haven't quite nailed those down BUT things to consider would be bookmarks with Rojo and Napoleon's hair attached, keychains, stickers, buttons, limited thank yous signed by Napoleon and Rojo. Maybe even all of the above, but there's only one way to find out ;)

***For PREORDERING 2 books, please use promo code 2BOOKS to not be overcharged for reserving 2 books***