Hand-Delivered Order of "Rojo: Where Is My Hair?"

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  • $100

Want more than just a copy of Rojo's newest book "Rojo: Where Is My Hair?" Here is your chance to meet the stars of the book in person with Rojo or Napoleon hand-delivering your copy of "Rojo: Where Is My Hair?" to you. 

Friends and family welcome during your delivery. You will have 15 minutes of llama-time with your favorite animal complete with extra limited edition Rojo and Napoleon goodies with items such as bookmarks with Rojo and Napoleon fiber attached, stickers, pins, keychains, etc. 

This delivery is good for up to 30 minutes off of their farm in Ridgefield, WA. This includes Downtown Portland, Gresham, and St Johns. If you have any questions regarding if your location is covered for hand delivery, please email Shannon at Shannonjoy@thejoyfulllama.com.