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Original Post Date: February 10th, 2016 Yesterday I had the privilege of taking Rojo to a preschool. These kids were such a hoot! When I showed them how to give carrot kisses they all just went, “EWWWWWW.” So what do I do to encourage giving kisses?? I only let the ones who were brave enough to kiss him go first. Selfishness is a funny thing. I don’t always consider selfishness a bad character quality. In children, you can use it to encourage them to step outside their comfort zone. They want to feed Rojo first. Kids always want to go first! So, if...

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Original Post Date: January 6th, 2016 Today’s sweet soul was Vera. Napoleon in his New Year’s outfit I took Napoleon to visit a memory care facility today. First off, can I just tell you that my favorite visits of all time typically take place in memory care/alzheimer facilities?! The people who live there have the most genuine reactions to seeing a giant, living breathing ball of fur than anyone on earth and it is the greatest experience to be apart of! With that being said, today I met Vera. Vera was very apprehensive about meeting Napoleon. You could see her...

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Original Post Date: November 4th, 2015 Many people don’t know the human-side of what we do as a pet-therapy team. That is what is so wonderful about this blog. For once, people can hear about our side of these stories vs. the animal’s. Today was Serendipity day! Serendipity day is when we go down to Serendipity Center, an integrated school for youth who cannot be placed in public schools. Their mission: “to provide a safe learning environment in which the emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of students are met through individualized support services.” We have been taking Rojo to Serendipity Center...

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