Fun With Fiber - How I Turned Rojo Into A Scarf

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Fun With Fiber - How I Turned Rojo Into A Scarf

I love phrases that mean something can be misread. I doubt anyone actually thinks I turned Rojo into a scarf, but you would be surprised at how many people are embarrassed to tell me they own an alpaca sweater - people sincerely believe you have to kill llamas and alpacas for their hair! I love even more that they think they're going to offend me and yet they still follow through with telling me they own something they think is out of dead alpaca. This happens often. I like to congratulate them on owning something so lovely and one-up their concerns of offending me by telling them I have eaten alpaca before - and in front of my llama nonetheless. That usually eases the tension. Or makes it more awkward. Either way...

No, obviously I didn't turn Rojo into a scarf. I merely took some of his fiber we shave off of him each year and made a scarf from it. How cool is that though?! I thought rocking Rojo's silhouette on my t-shirt was rad, but here I get to actually wear Rojo like the true creeper I am! What's even more funny is I know there are people out there actually jealous wanting their own Rojo scarves. Sorry folks, you'll have to be content with the stalker-worthy Rojo keychains! They're coming back - and more affordable - here soon! 

Fun Fact: Llama hair is called "fiber." Here is a fantastic reference page to help fulfill all your curiosity about the difference of fiber vs. say, sheep's wool as well as more fun facts about llama fiber. YAY! 

Look at us having so much fun carding Rojo's fiber - wee!!

Last winter, I got to attend a "Fiber Fun Day" with some fellow llama friends of mine. We all brought some of our animals fiber to craft with! As you can see, my lovely little friend Allara and I were just having a ball of a time! I don't know what you mean, we weren't posed at all for this!


And there you have it! Nearly 3 hours summed up into this post that probably took me three hours to type because it's late, and spelling errrors - yes, on purpose. This way maybe my other spelling errors will look like they were on purpose as well ;) Yup, I'm an author.

Getting back to the point: there are many different methods to create awesome works of art from fiber. Maybe I will find time to introduce you to all of them or even nerd out a little on how each part of the llama body produces different types of fiber (the best being on the "saddle" of the llama and the coarser down on their legs), how they're classified, and what purpose each type of fiber has. There are so many fun facts to be learned y'all! 

Thanks for having fun with fiber with me! 

Shannon Joy