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Original Post Date: October 28th, 2015

First and foremost, I’m NOT a writer. So please have pity on my simple writing abilities. Yes, I may be publishing my own children’s book and I will then be an author but I still will not consider myself a writer. Storyteller, maybe. Writer, nope. I hope you are all alright with this and show me grace as you read on.

Well here it is world, the cliche first blog talking about how weird it is to have a blog! The thought has always been on the back of my mind to one day post on a regular basis the adventures of working alongside therapy camelids because some stories are too good to keep to yourself but I never thought of my life to be one worth sharing openly until this past week.

This past week, well honestly this past year, has been quite a whirlwind when looked at it as a whole. Living each thing separately, it just seemed like exciting event after exciting event. But as a whole it sort of blows me away! This past week my mother and I were interviewed, for probably close to our fifth time in several years, for a radio show. Even though it was our fifth time, I never take these opportunities lightly. However following the recording I went over to a friend’s home where I was asked what it was like to be on the radio. Simply I stated, “Well this time was a lot easier than previous times. This time it was all recorded and they will edit it and play it on the weekend so I didn’t have to overly worry about what I said because they’ll edit it to sound awesome.” With his reply he said, “Oh, I never knew anyone who has been on the radio before. That’s pretty legit.” And with that, I thought…. maybe my life is legit?! I mean, I absolutely can’t believe my life but maybe just maybe others would be interested in it, too.

So here we are: The Joyful Llama! A small insight into the daily life of working with therapy llamas and alpacas, of working alongside your family and of the adventure of publishing my first ever book, being featured in a llama documentary and my pre-Ellen life.

Thanks for wanting to follow along. I hope to be full of sarcasm, encouragement and honesty (probably in that order). I hope this opens doors for answered questions and inspire your llama curiosity. And I hope to shed humanity and humility during this time of growing popularity with Rojo. It is a gift and an honor to be the one who holds his lead rope.

Shannon Joy